The Top Hamburger Franchises All Do These 6 Things

All burger franchises are NOT created equally. Learn what benefits and support the top hamburger franchises serve up for their franchisees.

A Winning Concept

Burger restaurants make up one of the largest segments of franchise restaurants in North America. The global restaurant market is flooded with hundreds, if not thousands, of different burger concepts, but the top hamburger franchises find unique ways to make themselves stand out from the crowd. To appeal to both customers and franchise owners, the best burger franchises offer delicious food done right, maintaining a commitment to quality that keeps them at the top of their game.

Financial Transparency

The cost of investing in a top burger franchise will vary due to a range of factors, including your local market size, restaurant build-out requirements, and ongoing considerations. The initial franchise fee to open a Wayback Burgers franchise is $35,000, which may be discounted for additional units based on certain conditions and criteria. The estimated average initial investment for a typical Wayback Burgers restaurant runs between $350,000 to $450,000.

The profitability, or earnings potential, of any given burger franchise can be surmised through mapping their growth over time, particularly during challenging periods across the industry. When the COVID-19 pandemic brought the majority of restaurants to their knees, Wayback Burgers managed not only to maintain its winning formula by adapting to new methods of service, but our restaurants saw a record increase in sales systemwide.

Brand Name Strength

The best burger franchises remain successful by building trust and accountability in their brand. Both new and loyal customers know that they can rely on a high level of quality service at each restaurant, no matter the location. As a franchise owner, you will be able to capitalize on a strong, positive reputation to attract business from day one.

Wayback Burgers opened its first location in 1991 and has been franchising since 2008, providing new franchise members with decades of well-crafted experience and recognition. Beyond the well-loved Wayback name, franchise owners can rely on the backing of a brand that is widely considered one of the fastest-growing franchises in the fast-casual burger market, with over 170 locations currently operating and hundreds more in development worldwide.

Training & Support

All of the top hamburger franchises have their strengths; Wayback Burgers believes that comprehensive training and ongoing support are fundamental to our success. Whether you have a background in the industry or are new to the hamburger restaurant world, Wayback provides unmatched, expert assistance that starts the day you become a franchisee.

Through a system that continues to evolve with technology and shifting needs, Wayback Burgers provides franchise owners with a comprehensive training program and the ability that will establish the confidence to see the business thrive.


Strong marketing techniques and initiatives are a major aspect of successful burger franchising. At the same time, not all new franchise owners have the background or time to mobilize a fully operational marketing program on their own. The top hamburger franchises will provide a comprehensive marketing program to set you up for immediate and sustainable success.

The Wayback Burgers marketing team, in addition to creative agencies and public relations firms, will assist you by creating national and local marketing initiatives and advertising to help build awareness for your restaurant. The Wayback team has had years of experience and success spreading the word about our winning concept. Through limited time offers (LTOs), seasonal promotions, and more, Wayback Burgers provides proven tactics when it comes to engaging with your guests.

Community Involvement

In addition to offering world-class food and customer service, the top hamburger franchises recognize that a love for the community and the values they represent can be crucial for word-of-mouth and repeat business.

Folks tend to revisit businesses that prioritize a true commitment to the community in addition to offering delicious food, particularly in times of crisis or need. Restaurants that view their communities as an extended family and act accordingly, whether through local toy drives, school fundraisers, or the like, can forge bonds with both existing and prospective customers by proving their promise of service.

Wayback Burgers drives brand awareness on a national scale through partnerships with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Toys for Tots, and more. On a local scale, we are dedicated to creating a lasting relationship with each community we serve, encouraging all franchisees to get involved and give back.

Every franchisee hosts monthly in-restaurant fundraisers and charitable initiatives that work as a symbiotic opportunity to both build stronger communities and grow brand awareness.

Choose Wayback Burgers

Not only does Wayback Burgers provide its franchisees with a level of care and commitment unmatched by other franchisors, but we also go above and beyond in prioritizing the success of our owners and team members as they establish and grow their business. With monthly owners’ calls, newsletters, and access to an ever-evolving support network, Wayback is committed to providing all of the tools and advantages imaginable to make your hamburger franchise the best it can be.

To learn more about franchising opportunities in your area, visit Wayback Burgers today.